Frequently asked questions.

  1. How old is The Assembly Room? It is one of the few eighteenth century assembly rooms in the country that is still used for meetings and concerts.
  2. What is the capacity for the Council Chambers ceremony room? 55 people
  3. What is the capacity of The Assembly Rooms for a sit down wedding breakfast? 120 people
  4. Is there a bar area? Yes, we have a bar area, which is accessible a few metres just outside the Assembly Rooms.
  5. Is there any other set up area? Yes, there is a large space by the Crush Bar, which can be used by caterers or bands for set up, etc.
  6. Is there a stage? Yes, there is a large
  7. Are the tables and chairs included? Yes, we have long rectangular tables and chairs that are included in the booking. You are welcome to bring round tables, if you prefer.
  8. Are the table cloths included? Yes, we have fine, white, linen table cloths included in the rental.
  9. Is there any set up included? Yes, you can illustrate how you want the tables set and our staff will do this for you.
  10. Are there any ovens? Yes, downstairs there is a standard oven and full kitchen (not professional standard) and upstairs there is a kitchen with refridgerators.
  11. Is there any parking? We have a small car park for suppliers to set up and the arrival and drop off of VIPs. Nearby car parks within a short walk are Northgate car park (853 spaces and long stay) or Little London car park (98 space and short stay).
  12. Where is The Council House? The Council House is situated in North Street in the centre of Chichester. It can easily be identified by its red brick arches and the stone lion on its roof.
  13. Is there catering? Your own catering and entertainment must be arranged but staff here will be on hand every step of the way to ensure your day runs smoothly.
  14. Are there disabled toilets? Yes
  15. What are the dimensions of The Assembly Rooms? 18 meters by 8.5 meters
  16. What is the lighting like? We have a sophisticated dimmed spotlights systems including, spotlights throughout the room, two large chandeliers, lights in the recessed alcoves and lights above the stage that can all be controlled individually on one panel.